How to Cool Down your Angry and Make yourself feel better?

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5 February 2019

You arrived at this page probably because of two reasons:

(1) You wish to release and get rid of unwanted anger
(2) You're facing a challenge of dealing with someone else's anger

No matter what reasons you have, you are not alone.

The Mental Health Foundation in the United Kingdom (UK) conducted a research about anger problems, and the key findings showed that:

• A third of people polled (32%) say they have a close friend or family member who has trouble controlling their anger

• More than one in ten (12%) say that they have trouble controlling their own anger

• One in five of people (20%) say that they have ended a relationship or friendship with someone because of how they behaved when they were angry

• Fewer than one in seven (13%) of those people who say they have trouble controlling their anger have sought help for their anger problems

Anger is one of our basic emotions which can be considered as an emotional reaction normally. However, when the level of our anger is out of control, raging anger may lead to aggression or violence and further develop to destructive or dangerous behaviors.

To avoid the negative influences of anger problems, the best way is to resolve it at the beginning stage.

Simple Tricks to Resolve Anger

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What? Counting to 10 is too simple for you? OK, hope the following tips help!

✓ Cool Down First
Anger is infectious. When the temperature is getting HOT. Step away temporary before an outburst will be a safe choice.

✓ Switch your Focus
Don't repeatedly telling yourself to stop angry. Suppress angry feeling is not a helpful solution. Change your Mood by reading a joke book, watching your favorite cartoon, or comedy movie. Try something that can make you Laugh!

✓ Challenge your Perception
Be aware of your thought processes. Try to challenge your Perception when something happened making you feel upset.

For example:
A housewife was upset with her husband when he returned late from work.

Her anger trigger was not her husband returned late although it appeared to be. What actually triggered her was her thought: "My husband did not caring me! He should gave me a call or ... ... if he return late"

In this story, the interpretation of the housewife was:
"If my husband return home late without a telephone call, that signals he is not caring me."

On the other hand, maybe her husband was loving and caring his wife so much... he didn't realize return home late without a call would make his wife feel frustrated.

Perception gap is common among interpersonal relationships, however, without proper communications, can easily cause conflicts.

✓ Think of the Downside of Anger
Harvard researchers discovered that anger has both short and long term consequences through a longitudinal study, the angriest men were three (3) times more likely to develop heart disease than the most placid men.

Feeling angry can decrease our ability to concentrate, increase crash risk when driving, overlook or forget important issues.

and so much more... ( you can imagine )

[ Remember ]
Anger cannot resolve anger. Anger can only produce more anger.
Love Yourself, Stop Angry!

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