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Psychological power make you a Millionaire

25 December 2018

Financial stress used to be Rank #1 in various stress surveys, across the years, centuries and countries...

Financial stress can bring us sleepless nights, nightmares, damage our health and self-esteem!

Seems it's never easy to make Friends with Money...

Many of us have been struggling in property market, stock market, labour market... there are lots of tricks, millions of books published online and in bookstores teaching people how to become rich, are they really work?

In this 21st century, we have actuary, technological advance, powerful computer system, massive historical database.

But still, it is not uncommon to see businessmen failed in their business...
Young adults faced unemployment...
The worldwide stock market crash, wall street crash, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac... those too-big-to-fail are just 10 years ago, not 100 years ago...

In this article, I am going to discuss about how psychological power can reduce our financial stress. I am not saying just pray to your wallet every night, doing nothing then you will become rich tomorrow. I just want to uncover some blind spots and refresh your mind!

Take a minutes of break.
Breath-in some fresh air and breath-out your financial stress now!
Here we go-

art of balance, logical and Psychological

✓ A Balance between Logic & Psychology
When we are doing research, data analysis, numerical calculations... we are using logical approach. The logical data shows us what is up, what is down, how many percentage, which industry is in potential growth... numerical calculations usually don't come with grey areas, we can easily see the ranking A, B or C on those fact sheet, profit or loss just in a glance.

Many of us based on these professional calculations from Financial Planner, Bankers, Fund make our decision on investments.

Nowadays, many people ignore or underestimate their intuition and psychological mindset, however, this still plays an important role in determining our success or not as a human being.

Communicate with Yourself, understand yourself, self-communications

✓ Communicate with Yourself (clearly and patiently...)
Understand yourself better can increase your self-awareness. Self-awareness helps you to setup a clear and achievable goal.
If you determine to get rid of financial stress, may I ask you one question?

Which style means to you that you are RICH?

1. You earn massive income, and you spend them all for a luxurious lifestyle, the saving number is nearly zero (0) in your bank account

2. You earn average income, but you spend and invest them wisely, the saving number in your bank account progressively becomes massive

How much you make is a number, while how much you save is another number.
It's not about right or wrong, you can have your own choice, your own definition about being rich. But don't get stuck just because you are not clear of your actual needs.

If you don't have a clear picture of your goal, your subconscious mind will just stand in the middle of the road and waiting for your signal until you have decided the destination and place an order.

Are you aware that lucky people (or rich people) usually know themselves very well? so now you understand why...

investment choices, decision making

✓ Choose the Investment which is best-fit for you
Stock market is not the only investment channel, although it's common but carries risks.
I ever saw an elderly man who purchased stocks, and he was worrying the stock price will drop when sleeping, during the daytime, he couldn't control himself for checking the stock price frequently on his mobile device.
When the price go up slightly, he looks so happy. When the price drops, he is getting so nervous and can't enjoy his meal.

Or in the end, that elderly man earned some money through his stock trades, but was it really enjoyable?
We can learn more about our personality and to perfect match the best channel for earning money easier and happier.

investment choices, decision making, financial advisor

✓ Be Assertive to your Financial Advisor
If you are not consulting an independent advisor, you need to be more assertive.
Many insurance/Investment institutions provide free advisory service to potential customers, I don't mean they are cheating but most of cases, they can only suggest the best product or portfolio that they have.

It will be better to consult an independent (self-employed) financial planner or use various sources of advisory to avoid bias in your decision making.

millionaire wallet

✓ Organize your Wallet
Do you know what wallet a millionaire is using and how it looks? And...
Do you know what wallet a poor man is using and how it looks?

No, I'm not discriminating... I just want to express the way we use our wallet matters our financial status!

Here are some wallet guides you can take reference:

#1 Choose a Right Wallet
Black, Brown, Dark Blue will be a good choice, it helps you to stay cool-headed.
Avoid bright and vivid colors like Red, Orange, Pink... they are good-looking but they will motivate you to spend more money, rather than stick with your money saving plan.

I recommend you to choose a leather wallet, instead of a plastic made.
Not necessary to choose an expensive wallet with luxury labels, just follow your intuition, touch it gently... if you feel good with it on hand, that's the one!

#2 Put your Banknotes and Coins separately
Don't mix paper money and metal coin altogether in your wallet. Use a coin bag, or put them in a separate pocket/fold.
Spend your money elegantly, never spend time and effort in digging a small coin out.
An elegant posture will boost your self-image.

#3 Don't keep receipts in your wallet
If you need to keep receipts for bookkeeping or accounting purpose, keep them in a separate place. Traditionally, people believe that to keep receipts, debit notes, invoices... in wallet will attract bad luck.
Believe or not? many people with financial problems are having this habit.

#4 Don't keep store coupons or discounted cards in your wallet
Of course you don't want to lose a good deal, if you really need to bring them with you, put them into a slim folder/ small pouch.
Leaving those attractive offers aside can also help reducing your impulse buying.

#5 You can put a lucky charm or small piece of yellow quartz inside your wallet. Yellow crystals are strong in attracting money and prosperity.
Your wallet can basically be used for money storage, all other stuffs are not welcome as a golden money-attraction rule, bear in mind.

[ Remember ]
Your new wallet should only store an image and memory of wealth, prosperity, rich and happiness.

Be confident in yourself.
Don't cry for yesterday, don't ruin tomorrow because of your yesterday.

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