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Crystal Healing for Stress Relief

19 February 2019

Years ago, I bought my first natural crystal at a bargain shop. I still remember I couldn't take my eyes off those beautiful gems when I passed by...

Those brilliant crystals were having a wide range of colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Black, Pink, Violet, Brown, Gold... much more than a rainbow!

Yet, at that time, I had no idea about crystal healing.
The shopkeeper noticed I was enjoy admiring the glamorous crystals, she then introduced the properties, spiritual meanings and healing benefits of different crystals... (and I was secretly checking the price to make sure I could afford)

I sit at a computer all day (and everyday!) Writing, editing, researching and proofreading... continuously for long hours made me suffer from headaches also eye strain.

To me, editorial deadlines are one of the most stressful things in life.
I shared my experiences with that very friendly sales lady, and she recommended amethyst to me.

From that day on, the small piece of raw amethyst become my new friend. I place the amethyst between my eyebrows when I have eye pain, or gently move it across my forehead when suffering from headache.

I was surprised that not only my pain was relieved, just after a few minutes of crystal massage, I could clear my mind from anxiety with new inspirations pop up.

amethyst, Calming Crystals, Crystal Therapy for Headache and Eye Strain

I was curious to know why a small piece of stone carry magical healing power so I started doing some research.

Don't worry. I'm not going to show you a boring fact sheet about the chemical element, density or hardness of crystals, although there's no harm to learn more details.

Natural crystals come in many different colors, shapes, sizes, types and structures. As for stress relief purpose, we can focus on the crystal colors and how they are relating to our human body.

It is believed that our human body has seven chakras, and the application of an appropriate color can balance, regulate, purify and heal the specific part of our body.

The Seven (7) colored chakras are:
● Violet - Crown Chakra (top of head)
● Indigo - Third Eye Chakra (middle of forehead)
● Blue - Throat Chakra
● Green - Heart Chakra
● Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra (above naval)
● Orange - Sacral Chakra (below naval)
● Red - Root Chakra (bottom of spine)

seven chakra colors

Here are some ideal healing crystals which can relieve different kinds of stress:

Stress of Work / Learning / Studying

● Amethyst - a spiritual, meditative and calming stone that enlightens our mind and spirit, increase concentration, relieve headache and eye pain.

Place the amethyst between your eyebrows or gently massage across your forehead, deep breath slowly. A few minutes quick fix will be especially helpful when you are feeling stuck during your work and study. The stone will help you to stay calm, clear and refresh your mind.

Stress of Communications or Presentations

● Aquamarine - a soothing and inspiring stone that helps us to overcome the fear of communications, also soothes sore throat.

Wear a necklace of aquamarine on the occasion of public speech, job interview, presentation or marriage proposal will enable you to express smoothly, clearly and fluently (remember to rehearse and practice beforehand, not only the quality of your expression, great contents also play an important role)

Financial Stress

● Citrine - its golden yellow color as a symbol of wealth, abundance and prosperity. The stone is effective for building confidence and quick-money attraction.

A long-term financial stress can bring you thousands of sleepless nights, even damage your health.

Wear a citrine bracelet on your left hand or put a small piece of citrine stone in your wallet. Visualize that your whole body and your wallet are covered by the sparkling golden yellow light, lots of banknotes are coming to your wallet. Repeat this visualization every night before you sleep in a relaxed but confident emotion.

Interpersonal Stress / Social Stress

● Rose quartz - its warming and healing pink color will soothe your soul. Pink is a symbol of love universally.

Wear a rose quartz pendant necklace or bracelet on your right hand will attract romantic love and new friends, solve misunderstandings, mend a broken relationship.
The wavelength of pink color vibration will make you become a more attentive, openhearted and caring person.

Crystals for Stress Relief, Healing Gems

How to pick your Best Healing Crystals?

✓ Trust your First Impression
Just like when you first met your romantic partner, the feeling of “Fall in Love at First Sight” is very important.
True love can never be measured by money ― same rule, don't choose a natural crystal by its price. More expensive is not necessary equal to better.

✓ Follow your Intuition
Try to touch it softly with your skin... each natural crystal piece has its own property and vibration.
Relax and hold your touch for at least 30 seconds.
If the crystal make you feel refreshing or relaxed, that means its vibration rate matches yours.

✓ Purchase at Trusted Sellers
Although crystal won't speak or walk, it grows! It stores memories and carries energies.
In other words, it can store both positive or negative information and energy depends on where it comes from.
Some retail shops offer free purification services. Try to ask the seller the sources or history of the crystal before you buy it.

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