Boiling frog, Early Warning Signs of Stress

Why You Can't Ignore the Signs of Stress?

18 December 2019

A Boiling Frog is an old fable, you probably heard about it...

It is said that if you put a frog into a kettle of boiling water, the high temperature will make the frog feels hot and sense danger, so it will jump out immediately as a natural response.

However, if you put a frog into a kettle of cool water, and then heat the water up slowly, it will stay there until get cooked.

This fable is reminding us of the importance of self-awareness: The alive frog being slowly boiled will not become aware of the danger until it is too late.

It explains why many of us are leaving our chronic stress untreated until serious health problems occur.

It's common to hear people say that...

“It's not a big deal... I'm just getting a bit tired...”

“I will deal with my health problem when I get promoted...”

“I'm still young! I still have plenty of time...”

I remember the first few months I worked as an editor, it was one of the hardest moment of my life. Become an editor was my dream, but when my dream came true, it was like a nightmare surprisingly...

I was continuously suffering from heartburn, indigestion, migraines...

My mind was filled with anxiety... I hate myself for working too slowly, I tried my every effort to push myself harder to meet the editorial deadline, I was worrying I will lose my job if I couldn't make it...

Finally what happened? I lay on my bed. I was too sick, I couldn't step outside and work.

From that moment, I realized I must change!

I wish working hard could solve my problems, boost my efficiency, but I burnt out myself in the end.

I believe not only me, many people experienced how scary ways stress can impact our physical and mental health. However, in the meanwhile, still many people disregard, underestimate and are unaware of the signals or warnings of stress symptoms.

That's the reason I wrote this article.

If you find more than one of the following stress symptoms persists almost daily or over an extended period of time, please be encouraged to consult a doctor.

Prevent the accumulation of stress can save you significant medical expenses, increase your productivity... enjoy a happy and worriless life!

Behavioral Symptoms of Stress

● Absenteeism

● Angry outbursts or Aggression

● Blaming or Yelling

● Crying or Feeling on the verge of tears constantly

● Excessive Talking or Interrupting others frequently

● Lack of Punctuality

● Neglecting Appearance or Hygiene

● Nervous Habits
such as: Hair-pulling, Nail biting

● Obsessive Compulsive Behaviors
for example: Compulsive Smoking, Washing hands repeatedly, Double-checking of things

● Overreacting to the Small Stuff

● Restless Behaviors
for example: Hand wringing, Fidgeting, Foot tapping, Knee jiggling, Pacing up and down

● Risk-taking or Thrill-seeking Behaviors
for example: Dangerous Driving, Frighting, Gambling

● Sleep Disturbances
for example: Early wakening, Disrupted sleep, Difficulty falling asleep, Insomnia

● Social Withdrawal

● Suicide

● Unhealthy Eating Habits
for example: Emotional Eating, Loss of Appetite, Overeating “comfort foods”

● Workaholism

Emotional Symptoms of Stress

● Increased Anxiety and Panic Attacks

● Depression, Sadness, Unhappiness

● Feelings of Hostility and Resentment

● Frustration, Impatience, Irritability

● Lacking of Sense of Humour

● Loss of Self-Esteem

● Loss of Motivation

● Moodiness, Pessimism

● Nervousness, Tenseness

● Nightmares

Mental Symptoms of Stress

● Confusion

● Decrease in Attention

● Difficulty Concentration

● Forgetfulness (Memory Loss)

● Inability to Think Clearly (Cloudy Thinking)

● Lack of Focus

● Loss of Decisiveness

● Loss of Perspective

● Mental Exhaustion

Physical Symptoms of Stress

● Air Hunger, Breathlessness, Erratic Breathing, Hyperventilation

● Chest, Shoulder, Neck and Back Pain

● Constipation, Diarrhea

● Cold Fingers, Sweaty Palms

● Fatigue

● Hair Loss

● Headaches, Dizziness, Migraines, Vomiting

● Heart Palpitations, Rapid Heartbeat, Higher Blood Pressure

● Indigestion, Heartburn, Upset Stomach

● Dry Mouth, Clenching Jaw, Stiff Jaw

● Facial Twitching, Grinding Teeth

● Loss of Sexual Desire

● Muscular Tension

● Weight Loss or Gain

● Weaken Immune System:
Frequent Colds / Flu, Respiratory or Bladder Infections

The sign of stress is not equal to the sign of weakness.

Stress is our natural reaction to challenging circumstances. Realize it at the beginning stage, a quick fix, a short relaxation can promptly restore our energies, bring us back to the best performance.

Don't accumulate your debt of stress, or you will spend your health to pay off!

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