How to Stop Worrying?

5 March 2019

Mr.Worry, Ms.Worry, Don't Worry, No Worries

Are you “Mr. Worry” or ”Ms. Worry” ?

Worry is not an enjoyable emotion.
However, sometimes it happens to us uncontrollably.

Worry is like a fly (the small insect)
The fly keeps flying around you… You hate it, when you try to kill it, it goes away...
Then you relax and forget it, but after a minute, it comes back again!

back-and-forth… back-and-forth… back-and-forth...

You find it so annoying! but pretty hard to kill it susccessfully
The fly won’t put you in danger, but keep distracting you, right?

I believe most of us agree that constant distractions can create high stress.
OK now, the question is how to get rid of worries (yeah.. keep flies away and stay cool!)

Let's Go!

Forget about your Worries, Stop Worrying, Don't Worry, No Worries

Although there could be a hundred of reasons to worry ( or a million in reality)
We don’t have to focus on those reasons, instead, we can make it simple and straight forward to the practical solutions…

✓ Fill Your Life with Adventures
Imagine if you are watching an adventure movie or novel... you indulge yourself in the adventurous journey... you enjoy the challenges; hardships; the surprising treasures…

although the journey is unpredictable with lots of uncertainty ahead,
the up and down, round and round makes the movie exciting and enjoyable!

✓ Have a Second Plan (Plan B)
Constructive worry can help us to manage our risks proactively.
Put yourself at ease. If things go wrong, don’t be panic! Switch to Plan B.

Plan B is not equal to a failure.
Warren Buffett says: Getting rejected by Harvard was the ‘best thing that ever happened to me’

No one can unpredict the future!
Offer yourself a wide range of flexibility, don’t stick with the original plan just because of lack of courage.

✓ Write a Worry Journal
Whenever you feel worried or nervous, write down your thoughts and concerns. When you are writing, remember:
Don't Analyze the Reasons.
Don't Make any Judgements.
Don't Rush to Conclusions.

You don’t have to write in an elegant style but must be legible.
I suggest you to write in a one-concern-one-line or one-concern-one-page format.

*The important point is don’t mix-up two or more concerns in a single paragraph no matter what format you prefer.

The Next Step is to look back your journal. I recommend you to look back on a weekly or bi- weekly basis. You might surprise yourself that over 90% of your worries never come true!

The journaling habit will help you to unroot your irrational thoughts pleasantly.

Let's go Invent Tomorrow rather than worrying about what happened yesterday, Steve Jobs

✓ Keep yourself Busy
God is fair – all of us is having 24 hours a day, what makes the difference is how we allocate and use our time.

Steve Jobs says: Let's go Invent Tomorrow rather than worrying about what happened yesterday

Keep yourself busy everyday with productive tasks and meaningful activities…
When you are fully occupied, you will forget all your worries. In the meanwhile, success is not far away from you!

Your have the choice: Worry or NOT to Worry
Be a Wise decision-maker!

Further Reading: When to worry about worrying | Harvard University

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How to Stop Worrying?
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