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frustrating about Procrastination

Overcome Procrastination in 3 Minutes

12 February 2019

[ The Story ]

Emma is a responsible woman, working hard, always trying to do her best at work.

Recently, she is feeling stressed and frustrating... due to the heavy workload over the past few months.

Although she wish to complete her tasks as quickly as she can, her body is running out of energy.

She also notices that her boss is getting unhappy with her procrastinations.

She is looking for some advices on how to reduce her stress at work and to stop procrastinating...

Overcome Procrastination

[ Analysis ]

When we are falling behind our schedule, we are easily feeling anxious, worried, frustrated...

At the same time, we tend to push ourselves harder to reach the goal.

When such situation lasts for a long term, we may be burned out.

Therefore, we must address and solve it in the beginning stage, to avoid our health be affected.

Think Outside the Box

[ Suggestions ]

Put more pressure on yourself does not necessarily mean you will work faster.
In the worst case, it can result in opposite effect.

No need to blame yourself, feel guilty, or push yourself to the corner.

Try the following tips:

✓ Enjoy Challenges
Challenges can be stressful, but it can be joyful if you decide to turn challenges into opportunities.
Life is an Adventure. With ZERO challenges, your life will become a boring game.

✓ Design your best settings at work
Being responsible doesn't mean you can't be creative.
Within your maximum freedom, try to perfect your settings and work systems.

● Listen to energetic music
● Work with someone you enjoy
● Equip your workplace with fast and reliable devices
● Place stuffs at where makes the most convenient to you
● Do whatever you can to increase you efficiency and productivity

✓ Keep the Simplest To-Do List
It's common to see people's To-Do List become "Deferred List" or "NOT To-Do List"
Keep your To-Do List as short as possible, don't be too ambitious (or greedy).
Take it with you wherever you go, check it regularly to make sure you won't forget any important tasks or issues.

✓ Keep it Short
If you are engaged in a long-term project or difficult task, the first and most important step is to break it down.
It can be tempting to skip this procedure, but you will find this strategy very helpful to keep yourself organized and motivated.
If you still think this is time-consuming, you can keep a very basic blueprint (at least)
No matter what tool or method you are using, ask yourself:
“Where am I now?” “Where am I going?”
Stay focused!

✓ Be your Cheerleader
The only person that be with you 7 days/ 24 hours is yourself.
Don't wait for others to cheer you up; to motivate you!
Pick your own motivational slogans, stick them on the wall; put them in your wallet; wherever you want...
It's also a great idea to put them together with your family photos. Encouraging you to finish your work early, then go home, spend more wonderful time with your family.

✓ Work with highly-efficient people
If you are still struggling to monitor yourself or change your lazy habits
The easiest way is to work with efficient people, align with them, learn from them.
Let them naturally influence you!

[ Remember ]
It's your choice to spend your TIME in a efficient; productive and meaningful way.