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Praise Yourself Everyday keeps Stress Away!

19 March 2019

When you ask someone a simple question: "What do you think the most important in your life?"

You may receive lots of different answers, such as love; family; money; career; etc...

I believe you rarely hear people answer: myself

We work hard everyday to achieve our goals, to reach our peak performance, to be the winner of games, to improve the quality of living for our family members...

We have a lot on our plate, at the same time, we are not aware that we put ourselves last.

Some people think self-care is something unimportant, unnecessary, luxurious or waste of time...

If someone around you is thinking this way, I strongly recommend you to share this article with him/her. You will be glad that you take the right action!

One of the easiest and simplest techniques of self-care is to praise yourself regularly.
You don't have to wait someone to praise you, or give you a like on Facebook.
You don't have to pay a penny to do so. Just read this article.

The right ways to praise yourself

Praise Journal, Self Care, Self Motivation

✓ Keep a Praise Journal
Write a Praise Journal regularly...
Every morning, before you start your day. Or,
Every night, before you go to bed.

You can keep it as short as 1 - 3 lines, but don't be too general.
For Example:
"I am a good person."
"I am so talented!"

Try to be more specific; comparable or measurable...
For Example:
"I prioritized my tasks efficiently and finished work 30 minutes earlier than usual."
"I offered my seat to an elderly woman on train, she smiled and chatted with me, we had a pleasant conversation."

See? It will not spend you much time to jot down a few lines. Very Easy!
But these few lines can mean so much to you.

If you keep this habit for a few months or years, you will see how a wonderful person you are!
You can track your every single improvement and development.
You remind yourself what actions; time and efforts you have spent in the past.
If you don't write it down, you may easily forget them all.

Researchers from The University of Washington discovered that praise releases dopamine - a chemical released by neurons that highly associated with motivation; pleasure; attention; etc...

Praise is an effective reward to our brain.

Self Confidence

✓ Praise the process; efforts; strategies; concentrations rather than only the accomplishment

We usually receive praises when we produce a good result.
However, there are numerous of uncontrollable factors in our life, even though we did a good job, we may not be able to success due to other factors.

Don't judge yourself only based on any data or figures.
Trust yourself, don't give up!
Let your Praise Journal to back you up; soothe your soul; comfort your negative feelings.
You need to trust yourself first so you can gain trust from other people.

Remember: You always deserve a praise for yourself!

Further Reading: Dare to Praise | University of Washington

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Praise Yourself Everyday keeps Stress Away!
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