Wake-up Early, Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life, Steve Jobs
6 November 2018

Wake up on time without struggles!

Are you an Early Bird or Night Owl?

Many people (including me) swore to wake up early tomorrow morning when going to bed at a thousand of nights... but the next morning repeatedly hitting that snooze button and woke up late.

Have you ever wondered why morning people could wake up early without a struggle?
What's the secret hidden in their living habits? What makes them look energetic everyday? Special DNA?

I did research, read many book, practice on my own... and finally I have summarized some key points. I hope you will find these tips effectively ease your morning life!

First of all, allow me a few minutes to remind a few things about how to improve our sleep quality, as we understand that without a high quality of sleep, wake up pleasantly in the morning doesn't seem realistic.

Organize your Bedroom, Sleep Well, Wake up Early

Organize your Bedroom

● Declutter - All you need in your bedroom is a comfortable bed, move away all the stuff that is unrelated or unnecessary. You can prepare a couple of inexpensive storage boxes and a pen. When you put an item inside the box, write down its name outside of box so you won't forget.

● Ensure you have a supportive mattress:
Soft mattress may be cozy but not a good option in terms of spinal support.
A medium firm mattress will be ideal for person who suffer from back pain.

● Choose Right Pillows
Too many pillows, or pillows that are too thin won't give you a comfortable neck support. Make sure your pillow(s) enable your neck to be aligned with your spine to avoid neck strain or headache.

● Stay away from all electronic devices when you go to sleep
Keep your bedroom as dark as possible. The blue light from electronic devices will inhibit the secretion of melatonin (the sleep hormone) as a result, decrease our sleep quality or lead to sleep disorders.

● Avoid High Caffeine Foods and Drinks
such as Dark Chocolate / Tea / Coffee / Energy Drinks
Caffeine is a stimulant that will increase the secretion of adrenaline (“fight or flight” hormone), it keeps you awake at night by blocking those sleep-inducing chemicals.

● Nighttime Relaxing Stretches
Muscle tension or pain will reduce the depth and quality of sleep.
A few minutes of slow and relaxing Stretches can easily unwind your mind and body.
But remember to avoid intense exercises close to bedtime!

● Calm your Thoughts before sleep
This is something simple, but not easy. Stop mind racing can be difficult sometimes.
Try to hit the PAUSE button for a few minutes, remind yourself even a short break can reduce our mental strain.

A deep relaxation can refresh your mind, you will be in a clearer focus after few hours of high quality sleep.

[ Remember ]
You need to indulge yourself in your bedroom, as relaxed... as comfortable as a VIP
You deserve it!

Early Riser, Conquering the Alarm Clock, Wake up Early

Be a Early Riser easily!

Well... your alarm clock is not your enemy! but if you could manage to sleep early (sleep well) and wake up early, progressively you will be able to maintain a regular and healthy body clock, so you will soon no longer need it!

✓ Natural environmental stimuli are your best alarm clock
Open the curtains and let the warm morning sunlight enter your room...
Open the windows so you can hear the birds singing, feel the gentle breeze crossing over your face... the pleasant smell of morning fresh air...
They are here to wake you up with blessings!

✓ Keep a Pet
Believe or not... many animals are more punctual than humans!
My friend's cat used to wake her up at the same time every morning, her cat won't go away until my friend wake up and feed her.
This friendly and funny alarm clock can keep you keep up punctually without feeling upset.

✓ Put your Coffee Maker near your Bed
If you are a coffee lover, you will know that the nice smell of fresh brew coffee is the most awakening in the world!
It could be struggling to get out of bed and step to the kitchen, but much easier if you keep the machine at your arm's length. The hot coffee will certainty wake you up!

✓ Find a Morning Partner
Any of your friends are Early Risers?
Simply partner them for a morning jogging, breakfast appointment...
You can ask your friend to give you a morning call! It's more cheerful than hearing the alarm sound, right?

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