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Why your Hard Work doesn't Pay off?

8 January 2019

I wrote this article sincerely for someone who are feeling their hard work does not entirely pay off or recognized.

As I can see many people now and before (hopefully not in the future), they work hard, they are productively contributing to their team, their company, their society. But unexpectedly, their efforts are either overlooked or ignored.

I was wondering... “Why the World is that Unfair?” “Why Nice People don't get Rewarded?”

I tried to study, research and to find out the answer for these questions...

Here are some of my findings, thoughts and suggestions. I hope it helps to unravel the mystery, and helps hardworking people be treated fairly...

Keep Going! Cheer up! Don't be Frustrated!

✓ Be Confident (but not showing off)
When you are asked to express your opinions during a meeting, don't hesitate, go ahead... Just keep quiet won't gain any notice or appreciations from your boss.

Display your confidence in a smart way can gain trust and opportunity easily and rapidly, but avoid displaying your knowledge or talent just for a show-off purpose.

Problem Solver, Idea-Generating, Improve Creativity at Work

✓ Be a Problem Solver
We are living in the 21st century digital era, fortunately or unfortunately (no choice anyway) Many simple or recurring tasks will be replaced by robots. So don't put your efforts into tasks that robots can do better. Invest yourself to become an intelligent problem-solver will be a better choice.

Workaholic, burnout, work stress

✓ Stop being a Workaholic - unleash your creativity
Being a Workaholic win both positive and negative reputations. Diligence is virtue, however, the best strategy is to keep work-life balance. Why?

Reason #1
According to “The Yerkes-Dodson law”, an optimum level of stress can drive us to best performance. If we keep pushing ourselves beyond limit, too much stress will lead to burn-out.
No matter human body or robot also need to recharge our energies, don't let your battery runs out!

Improve Creativity at Work, Think Outside the Box

Reason #2
Harvard Business School has conducted a 10 year study on how “Time Pressure” affects employee creativity. The result of findings suggest that: Overall, very high levels of time pressure should be avoided if we want to foster creativity on a consistent basis.

Various University studies also indicate a negative correlation between “Time Pressure” and “Creative Performance”. If you are interested to read more, the research links are enclosed in Further Reading section below

Well, if you feel academic researches are kind of boring, check this:

Written by the best known author of Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki

His another book titled “Why A students work for C students?” explains why the winner is "C Students" who grow up to be the innovators (creative thinker)

While A students were studying hard, achieved a great academic performances. The modern market thirsts for creativity, not knowledge.

According to American Management Association (AMA) critical skills survey: workers need higher level skills to succeed in the 21st Century, the most important skills are
4 Cs:

● Creativity
● Critical Thinking (Problem Solving)
● Communication
● Collaboration

market demand, labour trend, Employers Skills Surveys, salary increase

✓ The Supply / Demand Theory
Keep up with the latest market trends and industry trends. With a good sense of trends, you will be more sensitive and efficient in matching your strengths with market needs, customer needs, industry needs...

You don't have to be an economist, though, bear in mind the law of supply and demand. Simply the key point is: The lower the supply, the higher the demand, and the price will therefore increase.

That means if you possess some skill, knowledge, technique that the market is lacking of, your market value will be increased. And of course, you will become the apple of your boss' eye!

The links of various Employers Skills Surveys are enclosed at the bottom of this article, the data will help you to plan a better strategy for career advancement.

Talk to Boss, performance review, Upward Communication, salary increase

✓ Upward Communication
Do you feel easy or nervous talking with your boss or management people?
It's not necessary to build an intimate relationship with your boss, but better to maintain a rapport so don't (unconsciously) ignore them, exclude them or avoid eye contacts with.

Yes, I mean they will be the one doing your annual performance review, so maintain a good impression can't go wrong!

Further Readings:

Harvard Business School | Time Pressure and Creativity: Why Time is Not on Your Side

National Association of Colleges and Employers | What Do Employers Look for on Resumes?

Association of American Colleges & Universities | It Takes More Than a Major: Employer Priorities for College Learning and Student Success

International Journal of Technology and Design Education | Time pressure and creativity in industrial design

Case Western Reserve University, Department of Psychology | How perceived time pressure influences performance

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